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Changing from 18 inch wheels to 19 inch wheels

Tuesday 09/26/2023 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Wheels and Tires

Changing wheels form 18 inche to 19 inch.


Water leak behind passenger seat

Tuesday 09/26/2023 | 2004 | Boxster | Body

Water is leaking into cabin behind passenger seat i hav cleared drains car has new top and floor gets wet even when i have top cover installed I also installed new cowl cover and gasket Help thx


What is the process for repairing 944 rear hatch delamination?

Tuesday 09/26/2023 | 1989 | 944 S2 | Other

The rear hatch glass is slowly sliding out of the hatch frame. Specifically, the glass is pulling away from the frame at the top of the hatch near the hinges. As I understand it, this is a common 944 issue. I've seen a couple articles and videos online about repairing this and none of them are very specific about all the details. One guy pulled EVERYTHING off the rear hatch glass including the spoiler. It would seem to me that you shouldn't have to remove the spoiler to pull off the meta ...


2004 Porsche 911 radio CDR233. There are 10 wires coming out the back of the radio, nut do not go to the amplifier. Where are they routed to. How can you get a wiring diagram of the radio.

Monday 09/25/2023 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S | Electronics

Radio was working and then stopped.


Looking for a good independent porsche mechanic near Middletown CT... is there a good one out there?

Sunday 09/24/2023 | 2002 | Boxster | Other


The oil gauge is reading very low pressure. I’ve replaced the oil filter, the oil pressure sending unit, and the oil pressure relief valve. No improvement. What’s next?

Saturday 09/23/2023 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other


Is a 968 caster block needed on a 944s2 to fit 17" wheels? I thought the S2 had the same suspension as the 968.

Saturday 09/23/2023 | 1989 | 944 S2 | Suspension


Dash temperature sensor false high

Thursday 09/21/2023 | 1994 | 968 | Electronics

Dashboard temp indicator gage intermittently pegs high. Engine temps warm but normal. Slapping dash above indicator gage sometimes resets it to normal reading. History / fixes?


Sunroof is confused

Wednesday 09/20/2023 | 2007 | 911 Carrera S | Electrical

Sunroof controls are confused - push tilt up button nothing happens. Push close button roof opens. Push close button roof closes then proceeds to tilt up. Then hit close again and it comes down and closes. Assume it has to do with some pinch protection memory loss but how to re-set?


What is the general consensus regarding the eBay lower cost short shifter kits

Wednesday 09/20/2023 | 2001 | 911 Carrera 4 | Transmission/Clutch


Acceptable Camshaft Deviation range on 996.1 ? Mine is Bank #1 = 7 degrees and Bank #2 = 4 degrees Should the compleat Cam Adjuster Assembly be replaced in both ?

Tuesday 09/19/2023 | 2000 | 911 Carrera 4 | Engine

Is this a normal 100,000 mile maintenance expectation? Note I have no CEL or abnormal engine running indications. This is a TIP so no Over-rev history - though I do drive aggressively when on Club Tours. And regular Oil Filter exams show no debris. LNE IMS Dual Row Bearing is installed.


Switched vs. unswitched 12v power sockets

Tuesday 09/19/2023 | 2016 | Boxster Spyder | Electrical

I have a 981 GT4 and I plug a C-Tec trickle charger into the 12V socket in the center armrest compartment when the car isn’t going to be used for a while. That 12v socket remains live when the car is shut down and the key removed, thus allowing the charger to accomplish its mission.  A friend recently acquired a 981 Spyder and attempted to use the armrest compartment 12v socket to connect his C-Tec trickle charger. But, the socket in his car goes dead shortly after the car ...


I have one key with no electronics in it. I want to have more made, and restore all electronic functions.

Tuesday 09/19/2023 | 2001 | 911 Carrera 4 | Electronics

Hi -- I'm a new member, and this car, a 2001 Speed Yellow 996 C4 M6, is new to me. I purchased it with only one key, and the electronics have been removed from that key. I want to have two keys made, and to restore all electronic locking and security functions to the key fobs. I am in the Fox Valley west of Chicago, and I'd consider working with a local shop if there's one with expertise in this area. Otherwise, what do I need to procure? What part number are the new keys? Can a local s ...


My CDR2200 radio turns on when starting the car then immediately shuts down

Monday 09/18/2023 | 2000 | Boxster S | Electronics

I had the battery replaced serval months ago but now have a new problem. After I start the vehicle the radio immediately comes on and plays for a few seconds then shuts down. It will not come back on for a while then mysteriously comes back on.What is the source of this problem, could it be the ignition switch which has always been flaky? thanks


I recently bought a 74 2 liter 914 and have driven it around a thousand miles in normal driving including cruising at 70-80 on the highway. This weekend I pushed it on the highway, flooring it from 70 to 110-115. Noticed faint smell of oil and saw a very faint trail of smoke in the rear view mirror. Oil pressure was fine, temperature was fine. I stopped. Smoke was not coming from the tailpipe. Oil was splattered around the engine compartment. No real oil loss. Normal driving back to no problem.

Monday 09/18/2023 | 1974 | 914 2.0 | Engine

Ran out of space above which must be limited. So I tightened a couple breather lines, dried the engine compartment an drove again. Good oil pressure and temperature. Normal driving including cruising on the highway back to completely no problem. But floored it again from about 70 to about 110 to115 and the same thing again. Stopped right away and by the time I stopped and looked the engine bay was so splattered with oil (more on the left side than the right) and the leaking/splattering had no ...


What is correct coolant temp for sport and non-sport?

Friday 09/15/2023 | 2019 | 718 Boxster | Engine

What are the correct coolant temperatures for sport and non-sport? Some work was done on the coolant system. Specifically, replaced "Faulty Exhaust Flap Actuator". Prior to the replacement my coolant temperatures on non-sport ranged from 216 to 226, and mostly was at 221 or 223. While in Sport mode it was often 194, but I don't recall the range. After the replaced Exhaust Flap Actuator, the coolant temp is at 194 almost all of the time with little to no variation other than starting. ...


My '97 Boxster (2nd Owner) @ 60,000 miles about every 4th start attempt requires 10-15 key attempts before starter engages AND/OR the key (a new one) is jammed in the ignition key cylinder - apparemtly a "typical" problem. How do I correctly identify the actual part (order #) for BOTH a) the electrical portion of the ignition switch and b) the ignition key cylinder? Too, is a NEW key required if a new key cylinder is installed

Friday 09/15/2023 | 1997 | Boxster | Electrical

About what should these parts cost? What special tools, if any, are required to R & R?


The on-engine high pressure fuel pump failed. We have called a couple of dealerships and they have said that there is a national back order and there is no new scheduled production date. Are there any good alternatives (with part number) to get the car running again? Thanks.

Friday 09/15/2023 | 2010 | 911 Carrera | Fuel System


Do you have any information on the sport design package? I have recently acquired a 2003 boxster s with this option and can't find any information about it. Was it a common option? Is it limited to the interior? Boxster exclusive? And what do you call that paint? Thank you !

Thursday 09/14/2023 | 2003 | Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery


the front and rear trunk lid releases arstuck

Thursday 09/14/2023 | 2000 | Boxster S | Cables and Controls


The odometer stopped working due to a crack in the plastic gear in the speedo. I replaced the gear and it worked for 500 miles, before stopping again. Pulling the Speedo is a difficult job due to the short wiring connections. I have been told I should have used super glue on the gear. It's a tight compression fit, I don't see how the glue would stay in place. Do you have any input before I attempt another repair?

Thursday 09/14/2023 | 1977 | 924 | Other


I need to find the best

Wednesday 09/13/2023 | 1969 | 911S | Body

I’m looking for a shop that will help me source and install original interior and also some key bodywork (strip, correct and repaint) for my 1969 911s. I need someone who really knows the older models. I live in northern CA - Napa Valley. thank you. matt-


Clutch Master Cylinder - Brake Fluid in the Pedal Box

Tuesday 09/12/2023 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Transmission/Clutch

I noticed about two weeks ago that my brake fluid level seemed to be down (near the minimum mark). I couldn't exactly recall where the level was before so I filled it to just below the maximum and have been monitoring the level. On Sunday night I got home from a PCA event and noted that I had brake fluid on my shoes and there was brake fluid on the carpet. Based on this, I suspect that I have a leaky/bad clutch master cylinder. Is there any other issue that might explain this? This doesn't lo ...


I hear a creaking noise in the chassis/frame/ suspension of my Cayman when stopping/starting at low speed, or when traveling at low speed over small bumps. Is there something in frame, suspension that needs to be replaced, lubed, etc?

Monday 09/11/2023 | 2006 | Cayman S | Suspension

I can't tell is this creaking noise is coming from some kind of suspension mount, frame, strut, etc. Front struts were replaced 6,000 miles ago. Noise does sound like it's coming from rear underside. Could it even be something with the body?


How does one repair a leaking windshield washer tank?

Monday 09/11/2023 | 2005 | Boxster | Accessories


Shouls I reuse exhaust manifold studs and nuts

Monday 09/11/2023 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

Recently I submitted a question concerning my crank shaft turning (via the starter on attempted startup in the morning) but the cam shaft remaining stationary. PCA responded that my timing belt had almost certainly jumped some teeth and that I had probably incurred internal damage because the 944 is an interference engine. Well, after removing the cam shaft housing and doing a compression test, PCA's 944 Guru George was correct.... compression was almost nonexistent in two cylinders. ...


Thank you-there is a high-pitched, intermittent squeaking noise at the base of the steering column, or perhaps just behind the dash-does not seem to be related to turning or going over bumps or position of car, not related to breaking, foot does not need to be on the Excelerator for it to happen having said that it does seem to stop when the auto ignition off occurs at a stoplight

Sunday 09/10/2023 | 2014 | Boxster | Other

I have a video but can’t seem to attach it


Can my turn signal switch be rebuilt? It intermittently will not cancel after completing a turn.

Sunday 09/10/2023 | 1970 | 911T | Electrical

My turn signal switch intermittently will not cancel after completing the turn. I have ordered 2 new original Porsche brand replacement switches. Neither would operate properly. Both operated very roughly and needed to be strongly hand canceled after completing a left or right turn. This appears (to me) to be a manufacturing quality control problem but these are new, original Porsche boxed parts bought through the dealer network. I was able to return both f ...


The oil pump sleeve is frozen to crankshaft. Have tried penetrating oil & heat but will not move. Question is if I drop oil pan will I be able to take off front oil pump cover to remove sleeve or will sleeve prevent removal of oil pump. If so what to do? Appreciate any help, this is my first restoration and was going well up to this point.

Friday 09/08/2023 | 1985 | 944 | Engine


Is "System to lean at idle bank 1 and 2" caused by vacuum leak?

Tuesday 09/05/2023 | 2008 | Cayman S | Engine

Hello,Check Engine Light is on but not blinking. Diagnostic tool indicated "P2189 System too lean at idle bank 2" and "P2187 System too lean at idle bank 1" The check engine light has been on for 2 weeks but my mechanic cannot get me in until Oct 1. He says that it can wait. But this morning I noticed that the engine is idling higher when the engine warms up. Do you agree that 1) this typically indicates a vacuum leak and 2) that it can wait about 25 days of daily driving until ...


Recommended PDK fluid service

Tuesday 09/05/2023 | 2010 | 911 Carrera 4S | Transmission/Clutch


door trim by window coming lose

Tuesday 09/05/2023 | 2016 | Boxster | Interior/Upholstery

Padding on passenger window coming lose from door


Replace rear struts or front?

Saturday 09/02/2023 | 2000 | 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet | Suspension

Should both be replaced


Any recommendations for scanner tool.....1998 Boxster

Saturday 09/02/2023 | 1998 | Boxster | Other

Need a scanner tool to turn off the airbag light.It would also be helpful for my diy endeavours.


2013 Boxster S soft top continues to have errors opening and closing even after replacing computer chip

Saturday 09/02/2023 | 2013 | Boxster S | Body

Have a 2013 Boxster S, bought it a year and a half ago and 3 months into owning it the soft top started to hiccup when opening or closing with an error messaging popping up each time at about 3/4 of the way open. I would then have to restart the car to trip the computer to bring it back to closed position. Brought to my local shop that specializes in Porsche. They assessed it as a computer issue and they replaced a "chip" so it wouldn't trip. That worked for about 5 passes and then the error ...


can you use the headlight cleaners to clean the back plastic window on a 1999 b0xster

Saturday 09/02/2023 | 1999 | Boxster | Other

frosted rear window


Is there any way to have a 5pt harness in a Boxster?

Friday 09/01/2023 | 2018 | 718 Boxster | Performance Modifications

Just wonder how I can stay more seated other than 3pt harness


Where can I find the replacement oil cooler housing, I currently have the sr-5 need to up grade

Friday 09/01/2023 | 1987 | 944 | Engine


Modified 931 Radiator Fans Not Working

Thursday 08/31/2023 | 1982 | 924 Turbo | Engine

A while ago I corresponded with you regarding my 1982 924 Turbo (it has a '94 968 drivetrain in it).  The issue I had then was the cooling fans had quit working. You suggested changing the relay, which I did, and the cooling fans began working again. Until this past Sunday.  I had been in So. Cal. (I live in Central California.) The car ran fine south, and when I got back into town, I stopped at a local gas station to ...


Looking for a shop I can have my vario cam actuator replaced in the Bay Area. Every shop I talk to is booked for 2 months!

Thursday 08/31/2023 | 2000 | Boxster | Engine

my CEL has been diagnosed by two high shops as bad actuator(s). Have already replaced everything that can be done with the engine in the car; solenoids, wiring. Evidently this requires a tear down of bank 1. Any ideas would be helpful. The reason I am posting here is, the two shops I’ve taken the car to are booked solid for 2 months. Moderman’s and S Car Go.


Where is a good place to have an '85 Porsche 944 head machined in the New York area?

Tuesday 08/29/2023 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

What Happened was that after a long hot summer drive, the following morning I went to start the car and the cranking was slower and labored. I have since realized that the cam shaft is not turning while the starter turns the crankshaft. Being an interference engine, I fear the worst (bent valve? broken valve?). So I am in the process of tearing the engine apart which I will do myself. One interesting thing as I start the tear down is that the timing belt had a 6-8 inch section totally bare wi ...


Does PPF for recently restored longhood affect concourse results

Tuesday 08/29/2023 | 1972 | 911T | Paint

I recently acquired a fully restored 911T. The bodywork & paint is in an excellent condition and driving it without PPF feels very stressful for the fear of rock chips or risk of other blemish on the paint (bird poop etc)I bought the car to mainly drive to concourse & car shows, so I am wondering if having a full body PPF lower the chances of winning a concourse in any way? Also, are there any suggestions on shops that do it in and around NYC and any watch outs?< ...


Can AC compressor be replaced without removing driver side intake manifold?

Sunday 08/27/2023 | 2007 | Cayman | Heating and Ventilation

My 2007 Cayman's AC compressor's clutch failed, and I am preparing to replace the ac compressor myself. Can the compressor be replaced without removing the driver-side intake manifold, or does that need to come off to reach all the bolts as well as the ac lines? (I have all the tools needed to capture refrigerant legally.) Second question, which I'm of course asking after buying a Denso compressor: Can the clutch/pulley assembly be replaced? I searched but could not find a clutch/pulley sold ...


Need instructions for how to tighten replacement interior pockets

Sunday 08/27/2023 | 1970 | 911T | Interior/Upholstery

Ordered replacement interior door pockets from Performance which are now sagging and catching when the doors close. Need help to adjust tension so they stay up! (Or suggest a resource near Westchester County where they can do it!!!) Thank you.


What are the best options to upgrade the base headunit (CDR 3.1) in my 2013 Boxster? I’d like to add a backup camera as well. The sound is really lousy - underpowered and very runny.

Saturday 08/26/2023 | 2013 | Boxster | Electronics


My radio/cd has no sound follow up

Saturday 08/26/2023 | 2008 | Cayman | Electronics

Pedro advised me to see if the amplifier was receiving voltage. I don't know how to test for this but I did check the wiring harness that was plugged into the amplifier and it was solidly plugged. Is there an easy way to check for voltage? What about a fuse?


Popping noice operatioins cabriolet top

Saturday 08/26/2023 | 2008 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Other


I have a 2018 base Cayman 6 speed with the sport chrono package. I am thinking about adding a Cobb tuner and am not sure if it is a good idea.

Saturday 08/26/2023 | 2018 | 718 Cayman | Performance Modifications

I'm not sure if Cobb is the product to use or if it' even worth spending the money for an ECU tune alone.


My radio/cd has no sound

Friday 08/25/2023 | 2008 | Cayman | Electronics

I recently had my car repaired at an authorized Porsche body shop in Camarillo, Ca. When I went to pick up the car the body repairs had been done well but now the headliner had fallen. The shop agreed to repair the headliner. I returned the car and they sent the car to an upholstery shop they use and the shop kept the car for about 10 days. I returned yesterday to pick up the car and the headliner had been replaced nicely but I noticed the clock was 3 hours off. It was displaying a time ...


I’m trying to narrow down why my car is not starting. I’ve checked the battery, voltage to the starter and just removed the starter and it checked out fine. What needs to be my next step?

Friday 08/25/2023 | 2006 | Boxster S | Engine

I’m sure the engine area has not been cleaned in a very long time. You can see from the pictures where there is some oil around the air intake. Would you suggest that I go ahead and change out the AOS while I’m at it? The Intake hose where the butterfly swivel is seems to be where the oil is slowly seeping out.