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Car will not start

Friday 02/23/2024 | 2002 | Boxster S | Engine

The car will crank but does not starts. This is a very intermittant problem. It happens after the car has been driven aroung town and stopped and started multiple times. When it happens, if I allow the car to sit for a period of time it will start just fine. The battery is new. Do you have any suggestions on what I can test when the car won't start. For example putting a pressure guage on the fuel rail or pulling a sparkplug wire and seeing if there is spark. READ ANSWER

1999 Boxster - Doors unlocked but will not open. windows move a little but not all the way d cannot open the doors. Mechanism clicks - neither door unlocks/opens. I cannot get into the car. Battery new w/full charge, needs new Ignition switch - became really stiff w/unrelated electrical issues (Passenger door not opening from the inside, radio not working, top would not go up or down, etc.

Wednesday 02/21/2024 | 1999 | Boxster | Electrical

1999 Boxster - Doors "unlocked" but will not open, windows drop a little for door to open but not all the way. Mechanism clicks - neither door unlocks/opens. I cannot get into the car. Battery new w/full charge. I do know it needs a new Ignition switch - became really stickky & stiff w/unrelated electrical issues, Passenger door not opening from the inside, radio lights up but will not work, cannot enter code, top would not go up or down, etc. Took the hard top off & tested the m ...


What are the proper belt tension settings for the Cam, Counterbalance, Alt/AC, and Power steering belts?

Tuesday 02/20/2024 | 1987 | 944 | Engine

The manuals indicate that belt tension for the cam and counterbalance shafts is critical, but I cannot find any values for adjusting them. There should be listed a force for a deflection over a span. I have belt tension measurement tools, but I need these values to make calculations and adjust them properly.Can anyone provide these values? Also need them for the Alternator/AC and Steering belts.


Need Mechanic in Wilmington NC to change IMS

Thursday 02/15/2024 | 2002 | Boxster | Engine

Need Mechanic to change IMS in Wilmington, NC. would rather not use Porsche dealership


Can anyone provide me with the PDF, workshop manual or image of the window regulator template required to update my 70 911T to the scissor style?

Wednesday 02/14/2024 | 1970 | 911T | Body

Have disassembled the door and removed the window and frame - need to complete reassembly. Any help, photos or docs appreciated.


How to reinstall the heater vent flap after removing it to get at all the decomposed foam flying out of the vents. Got it out from under the "hood" but am having diffulcuty getting it back in. I know that there was a write up with pictures or a video of this but can't seem to get my hands on it. I have a 2006 Boxster S - 987

Tuesday 02/13/2024 | 2006 | Boxster S | Other

Have a 2006 987 Boxster and had the ususal age related foam blowing out of the cabin bents. Followed the advice of serveral videos and got at it from under the "hood". A little tedious but got it out finally, replaced the decomposed foam that came from the factury and trying to get the flap back in, this is where I'm stuck. My hands are rather large and I'm having difficulty. Does anyone know of a vidoe or picture set that would help me out getting this heater flap back in? Once I have that d ...


Driver’s side seatbelt does not fully retract. Is it possible to manually adjust this?

Tuesday 02/13/2024 | 2006 | Boxster S | Other

When exiting the car I have to manually feed the seatbelt in. Nothing is impeding the return, it just seems that the return mechanism is weak.


I haves a 2006 Boxster S which has the original tire repair kit. Do these go bad? Should I replace it?

Tuesday 02/13/2024 | 2006 | Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


Backup Camera Recommendations?

Tuesday 02/13/2024 | 2015 | Cayman | Accessories

I would like to hear your recommendations/input for the installation of a backup camera as my Cayman was not equipped with one. Specifically, recommendations for a reputable shop in/near Tampa FL that does a good job with installation/integration with the existing Nav. system. TIA!


Boxster convertible top elastic

Sunday 02/11/2024 | 2005 | Boxster S | Body

The elastic strap that guides the bead of the top into the gutter along the top of the window. Is there a fix for this issue. Surely Porsche has come up w a solution to this common problem. I have seen the stapling fix on videos but that seems like a Jerry rigged solution. There has to be a better fix.


Oil temperature runs at 244F at steady 73mph cruise, no extra/unusual loads. Is that normal? The GT4 also consumes about a quart of oil every 3,000 mi. which I understand is normal.

Saturday 02/10/2024 | 2020 | 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 | Engine

Photo attached


Do RaceChips work on a Cayman 718?

Friday 02/09/2024 | 2018 | 718 Cayman | Performance Modifications


Can a Clutch Slave Cylinder Operate Safely with Just The Lower Bolt and a Broken Upper bolt Stabilizing the Slave Cylinder

Friday 02/09/2024 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

I recently had to replace the clutch slave cylinder. During removal of the old slave cylinder, I broke off the upper bolt leaving about a quarter inch of bolt extending out of the housing. Having tried all the usual things: penetrating oil, shock (hammer) heat (propane only fearing for the housing which I believe is aluminum), vice grips, (not enough room for a pipe wrench), (not enough bolt thickness to use a broken bolt extractor), all I succeeded in doing was rounding and tapering t ...


Bose stereo sound system

Friday 02/09/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Accessories

I have very little sound out of my front left channel. I’ve sent the amplifier into a Paulison in NJ that repairs them and when I got it back there was no change. I’ve checked the speakers and the impedance is within the specifications. Any ideas where to go next to trouble shoot this problem?


rboxster 981replacing windshield washer hose

Thursday 02/08/2024 | 2013 | Boxster | Other

how to replace windshield washer hose from reservoir to hood


What is the best DIY scan tool for a 987.2 Boxter owner? Foxwell NT 530 or Durametric or other?

Wednesday 02/07/2024 | 2010 | Boxster | Other

I'm looking for an affordable scan tool for a new-to-me 2010 base Boxter. I don't have a laptop PC so a durametric would require me purchasing one of those.


What is a good strut and shock for an 86 944

Tuesday 02/06/2024 | 1986 | 944 | Suspension

Also should I rebuild the calibres or buy new


Which brand and model of car receiver (with Apple CarPlay) will fit 2014 Cayman S?

Saturday 02/03/2024 | 2014 | Cayman S | Electronics

I am looking to upgrade my car stereo to one that will play Apple CarPlay for my 2014 Cayman S. Can someone please show me which brand and model will fit my car?


Is it possible to connect any of the the three connectors to the instrument cluster upside down or backwards?

Saturday 02/03/2024 | 1992 | 968 Cabriolet | Electrical

I have removed and replaced parts on my instrument cluster a number of times (>10), broken odometer, dim instrument lights etc. On my last effort after reconnecting the instrument cluster I have a number of warning lights which I have not had after previous efforts. I have a Brake fluid warning light, a Brake pad warning light, an Oil Level light, the Oil pressure warning light all illuminated, perhaps others. Are these errors the type that once set must be reset, like the Airbag light? If ...


Black foam from HVAC vents

Thursday 02/01/2024 | 2006 | Boxster S | Heating and Ventilation

My wife's 987s blows black foam out of the ac vents. I have opened up the heater core area and removed and cleaned the blend door. On further investigation it appears there is another door much further in that also has some foam and large round openings in the door. My question-what is the function of second blend door and does it need to be re-covered? And if so how?


This is my first Porsche and I want to change the oil myself. Should I be concerned about using an aftermarket filter?

Wednesday 01/31/2024 | 2011 | 911 Carrera S | Engine


Do short revs at start or before shutting off benefit the vehicle?

Wednesday 01/31/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera S | Engine

I’ve heard this is true for the air cooled models and wondered if it was the same for the 997.1 which do not have direct injection. Appreciate your thoughts.


Looking for a garage recommendation to service my 2010 911 4S in the Columbia SC area.

Wednesday 01/31/2024 | 2010 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Other

Hello,I'm looking for recommendations for a garage in the Columbia SC area to service my 2010 911 4S. Any suggestions are appreciated.Thanks


Replacement headlight lens washer cap

Wednesday 01/31/2024 | 2003 | 911 Carrera | Body

While I was sanding the headlight lens, I broke the headlight washer lens cap. Can't be repaired. I see an assembly at Pelican that has a new cap for $78. Is there somewhere I can just purchase that chrome plastic cap? I think it just snaps on.2003 996


I have the factory exhaust installed . It is difficult to swap out the street and track modules . I noticed they offer a dash switch, which implies that the module has been upgraded to select track or street. Is it possible to rewire dash to with the new switch.

Tuesday 01/30/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera 4 | Electronics


997.1 Production Data?

Monday 01/29/2024 | 2007 | 911 Carrera | Other

Hi,Does the PCA maintain or know of any resource that contains production or delivery data for 997s? I have a 2007 911 Carrera 3.6L Tiptronic in Speed Yellow with the factory Aero Kit and am wondering if there are any records that can show whether this car is a rarity (or not). A simple Google search uncovers other Speed Yellow 997s with the Aero Kit but usually they are not base models, and don't have the Tiptronic transmission. I did find a source that only contained information for ...


Oil gauge drops to zero when driving but will return to proper reading after about 1 or 2 minutes. No oil leaks. Currently stored for winter. Is this likely just a tech problem.

Sunday 01/28/2024 | 2005 | 911 Carrera S | Engine


2007 Carrera Calif Smog Check, One OBD Channel reports "NOT READY"

Saturday 01/27/2024 | 2007 | 911 Carrera | Other

On my recent smog check to renew my California registration, the smog check station reported the secondary air system as "NOT READY". A check at my local Porsche shop confirmed the same result, slightly different terminology. He suggested I try a cold start, idle for two minutes with all accressories (AC, etc) off, then come in for a recheck. That did not reset the OBD channel, still stuck. I'm hoping there is an answer on how to reset this channel to get a good reading. Otherwise, I am ...


What is the recommended fuel system service for a direct injected 911?

Saturday 01/27/2024 | 2009 | 911 Carrera | Fuel System

Is there a recommended service for 911 GDI engines such as CRC GDI Kits?Dave White


Front and rear trunks suddenly popped open while cruising on the road.

Wednesday 01/24/2024 | 2014 | Cayman S | Electronics

Pedro, as soon as this happened I stopped the car in order to close the opened trunks. After forcing the front trunk locking system open (it had gone back to the locked position) I was able to close the front trunk but it would open again almost immediately. Was able to close the rear trunk without issues but after a while it too would pop open.Back home I disconnected the battery because it kept locking and unlocking itself and did not want the battery to drain. The next da ...


Does anyone have experience with Toyo Sport AS tires on 981 Cayman?

Tuesday 01/23/2024 | 2016 | Cayman | Wheels and Tires

Running stock 18" wheels with 20mm spacers. Non track use but I prefer a tire that offers performance capabilities.


what sources can I go to to find ownership changes, title / License changes, work performed on car, etc. - I.e. a history of the car (names and addressess deleted of course) .

Tuesday 01/23/2024 | 2000 | Boxster S | Other

Any help from PCA?Any help from Porsche Northamerica? Any help from Porsche dealer?


Audio not functioning with Car Play adapter

Monday 01/22/2024 | 2009 | 911 Carrera | Electronics

My stock radio does not have navigation (even though it has a NAV button). I have added a ZZ2 adapter to add Apple Car Play. Now Apple Maps works fine but I am unable to get any audio to play music or podcasts from my iPhone. The tuner works fine. Is there some secret Porsche method to get the iPhone audio working?


Retractable spoiler lubrication

Monday 01/22/2024 | 2009 | 911 Carrera | Body

The retractable spoiler on my 2009 997.2 makes a noise like the door to the inner sanctum when it operates. I found an article on maintaining the spoiler on Rennlist ( ), but it appears to apply only to 997.1s. Is this a serviceable item on .2s? if so, where can I find instructions?


Heater/AC Blower and or Blower Regulator

Monday 01/22/2024 | 2014 | Cayman | Heating and Ventilation

After having my Cayman Oil and Brake Fluid Service I noticed that no air comes out of the vents even with a high setting selected. Short searches indicate that either the blower or the blower regulator is likely the problem and that this happened to someone else when they went to the dealership for some unrelated service. I did check the fuses and reached in from the front to spin the blower drum without any luck.Should the dealer who did the service bear any responsibility? ...


I have a 997.2 turbo 2011. The steering wheel has clear plastic windows that have developed hairline cracks. Has anyone been able to replace them??

Sunday 01/21/2024 | 2011 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Interior/Upholstery


I have a 2002 911. I am running Continental Extreme Contact ZR tires. I need to replace the rear tires. Can I run R not ZR tires? Can I run Michellin rear tires with Continental on the front?

Sunday 01/21/2024 | 2002 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Wheels and Tires


901 gear ratio changes for rebuild

Thursday 01/18/2024 | 1968 | 911 | Transmission/Clutch

I have a 902/1 box (AFMSX) with a crunchy second with swepco 201 on well running stock 2.0l . For the rebuild I’m considering AA, F,KA,Q,Z.. I driver backroads at 30mph to 75mph and cruise to get to those roads . Thoughts on these ratios and a shop recommendation in the south or south east Thanks


I have the factory standard (not multi-function) steering wheel with PDK. Looking for upgrade with paddle shifting - which model Porsche steering wheels are compatible?

Thursday 01/18/2024 | 2009 | Cayman | Cables and Controls

See attached jpg for what I currently have. Are there options where I can or cannot reuse my existing airbag?


My 2009 911 4S only is getting driven maybe every 2 -3 weeks in the colder months and is stored outside under a car cover. What are the thoughts about using Sta-Bil? Should I use Sta-Bil Storage or Sta-Bil 360? Is it okay to add on a full tank or is best when filling up? Thanks

Wednesday 01/17/2024 | 2009 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Fuel System


How do you turn off trunk light in 2008 911

Wednesday 01/17/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Electrical

Using a trickle charger. How do you turn off the trunk light


Does the Clutch Slave Cylinder shaft require lubrication?

Wednesday 01/17/2024 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

I am about to replace a clutch slave cylinder and in checking around, some people recommend greasing the shaft coming out of the slave cylinder. The shaft goes very specifically into a socket operating the lever which, of course, releases the pressure plate. I do not see it rubbing against anything, so I see little reason for lubrication. Furthermore the shaft coming from the slave cylinder slides through a rubber/plastic sleeve coming from the slave cylinder, and my understanding is that gre ...


What does the number 09991 mean on the options sticker on my Porsche?

Wednesday 01/17/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera 4 | Accessories


Looking for a good body shop in the Wilmington, NC area.

Tuesday 01/16/2024 | 2007 | 911 Carrera S | Body

Looking for a recommendation to repair the front right corner of my 2007 911 in the Wilmington, NC area. Photo attached.


winter tires for '02 c2

Tuesday 01/16/2024 | 2002 | 911 Carrera | Wheels and Tires

I'm moving back to Vermont from North Carolina. I would like to put winter tires on my OE 17 inch rims for my 996. What winter tires are people using for their cars? I am not planning to drive out in heavy snow but this is Vermont so it is fair to expect returning in heavy snow and ice is a constant problem. I use Nokian's on my other vehicles... hakkapeliitta and rotiva and wr's.The hak's are R speed and wr's are V speed rated. Neither models have 255/40r17's but do have 245/45r1 ...


I can make and receive phone calls, but cannot play music from my phone, I have the Tooki system

Sunday 01/14/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera 4 | Electronics


I have a crank, no start situation with a 2001 Porsche Boxster that's been sitting for 4 years.

Sunday 01/14/2024 | 2001 | Boxster | Engine

So far, I've checked fuses C1-C4 and E1 and all are good. I've replaced the Fuel Pump Relay, just in case. I believe I am seeing tachometer movement while cranking since the needle does move up when being cranked. I also replaced the ignition switch today and checked the Immobilizer. The Immobilizer was clear of any signs of water damage or intrusion. I did have some rodents materials down near the Immobilizer but the wiring was NOT chewed in any way, shape or form. It all looked like it did ...


I have a 2016 Boxster Spyder. There is a support rod that that is encased in a canvas sleeve and glued on the inside of the roof

Sunday 01/14/2024 | 2016 | Boxster Spyder | Interior/Upholstery

The glue has given way and the rod now hangs down and hits your head.I went to the dealer and they said I need a new roof. They say they do not know how to glue it back. Has anyone experienced this problem?To me it looks like the rod has no real purpose but the dealer says if it is there, it is there for a reason.Would appreciate any feedback.Bruce


My 2002 Boxster has 37000 Miles.Should I still have it replaced?

Saturday 01/13/2024 | 2002 | Boxster | Engine


best headlight bulbs

Friday 01/12/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Electronics