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2016 Cayman GT4 Wheel Identification

Wednesday 10/05/2022 | 2016 | Cayman GT4 | Wheels and Tires | 48 views

Hello Pedro, I am looking for a separate set of track wheels. Unfortunately, when you replied to my original question 9-23-22 about what best way to ID wheels to ensure they will my 2016 Cayman GT4, it gave Dan Madigan's original question about his 2008 911, but there was no answer from PCA below his question. (I tried searching 2008 911 Q&A's but that year seems to have been skipped).If you can please let me know the answer to my question, that would be great.


My 2016 Cayman S has OEM 19" wheels and tires and Sport Suspension (Code X73). Am I able to switch To OEM 20" GT4 Wheels and tires? to 2016 GT4

Thursday 09/29/2022 | 2016 | Cayman S | Wheels and Tires | 12 views

Power window relay diagnosis

Tuesday 09/27/2022 | 1983 | 944 | Electrical | 93 views

Hi George,Last May I wrote requesting assistance diagnosing power window difficulties. I cleaned switch contacts but irratic operation led me to suspect the power window relay which is difficult to find. At least on my 1983, I found 2 relays clipped to the flange on the drivers side of the HVAC box high up under the dash out of view. It was clipped next to the radio relay which served a swap diagnosis as they are both the same relay. It is a Schier 07,1000.10 12VDC 25a and i ...


Are there any updates on when Porsche will release an updated PCCM Plus unit for the 997.1?

Monday 09/26/2022 | 2007 | 911 Carrera | Accessories | 129 views

Have you ever seen a cracked intake valve like shown in the attached picture? It is not a Porsche valve, but I am trying to determine root cause.

Monday 09/26/2022 | 2016 | Cayman GT4 | Engine | 15 views

This is an intake valve failure on a v8 engine. I have not seen a failure like this before and trying to determine if someone has seen this before.Thanks in advance,Bob Rath


At idle the oil pressure gauge on my '87 944 indicates a reading that i would like to see a bit higher. It's not on the bottom it indicates at about slightly above the second mark. I'm satisfied at the reading i see when up to speed. It's a base 944 has about 60K miles, it uses very little oil. I'd like to hear if there is a consensus on the best course of action.

Monday 09/26/2022 | 1987 | 944 | Engine | 114 views

Please: Recommendation of a excellent body shop for a 996TT in Montgomery County, MD

Sunday 09/25/2022 | 2003 | 911 Turbo | Body | 108 views

Stopped at a traffic light a BMW bumped into me then proceeded to hit the accelerator and pushed me into a SUV stopped in front of me. Ended up submarining the SUV in front and accordioning my front hood and front bumper, no apparent fender damage, don't know what other front damage may be hidden. Minimal rear bumper damage. Looking for an excellent body shop that specializes in 911s in the DC metro area. Also any info to help with a "depreciated value" claim appreciated. It ...


What brand IMS would you recommend for a 2003 Boxster S, Manual trans

Sunday 09/25/2022 | 2003 | Boxster S | Engine | 309 views

Just Bought the car and no symptoms just nervous.


I need an alignment shop for my 69 911 near Lancaster pa

Sunday 09/25/2022 | 1969 | 911S | Suspension | 9 views

Wheel Identification

Friday 09/23/2022 | 2016 | Cayman GT4 | Wheels and Tires

Hello,I am looking to buy a 2nd set of OEM 20" wheels for track use. What is the best way to ID the wheel I require on top of stating the year/model?Thanks,Nick


I will be scheduling "my" first maintenance for my 2014 Cayman and would like to get some recommendations for shops in the Huntsville Alabama area.

Friday 09/23/2022 | 2014 | Cayman | Other | 87 views

What is involve in checking the alignment and resetting the steering wheel position of a 2020 718 Cayman GT4 with 9,000 miles? What is the OEM factory alignment specs for my GT4?

Thursday 09/22/2022 | 2020 | 718 Cayman GT4 | Suspension | 141 views

Recently while tracking my GT4 at VIR I ran over a dip at the edge of the track which was severe enough for the suspension to hit the bump stops and I noticed afterwards that the steering wheel was no longer centered at the 12 o'clock position when going straight. Before going to get the alignment checked I would like to know how the technician will be able to correct the alignment and recenter the wheel. Since the steering is now electrically assisted instead of analog hydraulic does the sho ...


Does a 997.2 GT3 (2010) share the same clutch as the 997.2 GT3RS(3.8L) and can easily be upgraded to the clutch used in the 997.2GT3RS4.0

Thursday 09/22/2022 | 2010 | 911 GT3 | Transmission/Clutch | 45 views

I am considering replacement of my original clutch and limited slip differential. My 2010 GT3 has accumulated 61,000 miles since new. My question is would it be easy to upgrade the clutch to the one used in the same 997.2 series GT3RS which has the same 3.8L engine ans gearbox or even the ultimate 4.0L GT3RS's clutch and single mass flywheel. I also would have Guard Transmission recondition the limited slip differential. ...


Failed PADM Mount Message

Tuesday 09/20/2022 | 2015 | Boxster GTS | Suspension | 204 views

I recently got a failed PADM message on my 2015 Boxster GTS and would appreciate the insight of the community.- The message says the car is drivable and frankly I do not notice any difference. Can any further damage be done?- From everything I have read it appears to be a bad part that is prone to failure. Plus it is very expensive to replace. It seem


I am considering ceramic coating my newly purchased 2014 boxster. I am a new boxster (and Porsche) owner. What are the pros and cons of ceramic coating? Is it more protective than a twice-annual hand waxing? Thank you!

Saturday 09/17/2022 | 2014 | Boxster | Body | 330 views

I am having my 996 engine rebuilt. they are going to take the 3.6 to 3.8.. Also adding an IDP Plenum and obviously retuning the computer. My engine had the ports out of round and some scoring but nothing bad. They are machining the ports, putting in steel sleeves, etc.. My question is what kind of HP can I possibly see at the wheels of my 2004 911 4s? Additionally, the work is being done by a well know Porsche builder. Any answers would be welcome and thank you, Eli

Saturday 09/17/2022 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Engine | 93 views

My new mechanic for this rebuild, here in NC, is well known and respected in the Porsche community. He had lots of crew chief experience in the racing world and I am very lucky to have been introduced to him by my local Porsche mechanic. FYI, he stated I did NOT need to change my exhaust as it sounds great and I was not interested in adding "bolt on's" to modify to get potential HP (not much to gained overall by bolt ons from what I have researched). My money is being spent in the rebuild.. ...


I just sold my 997 turbo and am looking to buy a 991.2 or 992. Is real axle steering necessary or can I get by without it?

Friday 09/16/2022 | 2008 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Suspension | 69 views

2010 Boxster using or loosing coolant

Friday 09/16/2022 | 2010 | Boxster | Engine | 198 views

My recently acquired 2010 Boxster has started using or loosing coolant. I don't see any leaks anywhere, but I had to add about a quart after getting a warning message, and then a couple days later ( after 3 separate 20 minute drives) I didn't get a warning message but the coolant level was below the minimum level in the filler neck. Where should I start looking and what are the possible solutions? Thanks in advance! ...


What is the correct battery replacement for a 2015 Cayman/Boxster

Thursday 09/15/2022 | 2015 | Cayman | Electrical | 225 views

Every battery resource I have seen indicates the proper battery replacement for a 981 Cayman or Boxster is an H8/Group 49 AGM. The Austrian made Banner battery in my car indicates 70Ah and 760A. Every H8/Group 49 AGM battery I've seen has a higher Amp rating, more than 800. Recently I saw an H6/Group 48 Interstate battery with the same specs as the Banner battery, 70 Ah and 760A. Group 49 and Group 48 batteries have the same height and depth, only their length is different. Group 49 batteries ...


Neither the key FOB nor the floor switch will open the frunk on my 2004 996 when vehicle has been running after a drive of an hour or more. Once it has cooled down, they do work. What is the cause of this and how to I repair it? Thanks for your help.

Thursday 09/15/2022 | 2004 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 60 views

This problem has existed since last summer. I acquired the car in 2012 and the frunk release worked fine until the summer of 2021. When the car has cooled down overnight in the garage, it works fine either with the key fob or the floor switch.


Winter tire storage

Wednesday 09/14/2022 | 2019 | 718 Cayman | Wheels and Tires | 246 views

I am getting sets of wheels and winter tires. The tires had been used for only one winter, but they are 6 years old. They have been kept in basement laid down on the side individually. If it is safe, I would like to use them here in NoVA. I also would like to know if there is a tire storage service in the area rather than keeping them in my basement. Thanks!


Best Adhesive for affixing badging

Monday 09/12/2022 | 1999 | Boxster | Other | 279 views

If this shows up as a repeat, I apologize, but it's not listed in my questions, so I'm restating:I have the original Boxster badging that I removed from the truck lid and I want to put it under the lip of the rear spoiler. The spoiler has an inset ridge upon which the badging nearly perfectly fits. The question is how best to adhere it. I have Googled adhesives and a 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive seems highly rated: ...


Exterior Badging adhesive

Monday 09/12/2022 | 1999 | Boxster | Other | 177 views

I de-badged my 986 Boxster many years ago but recently stumbled on the Boxster scripts I'd removed. I started thinking about an way to display it, and I came upon the idea of adhering it on the spoiler. It would only be visible when the spoiler was up. I found the script fit very nicely under the lip of the spoiler as there is a slightly recessed area there. I painted it metallic silver to stand out, and I think it looks pretty good. However, what would be the best way to adhere it? Google re ...


GTS pads are good upgrade for 981 Cayman S brakes ?

Sunday 09/11/2022 | 2014 | Cayman S | Brakes | 192 views

Has anyone upgraded the brake pads of 981 Cayman S with Cayman GTS ? According to SunCoast website they provide more bite. Do they have harder compound wrt genuine Cayman S and hence more suitable for track use ? How about dust level ?Thanks in advance for your support,-Roberto


How do I purchase PCA Maryland license tags

Saturday 09/10/2022 | 2008 | 911 Carrera 4 | Accessories | 69 views

PCA Maryland license tags


I have owned my 1983 944 since new. I have taken this car to my local mechanic who has worked on my car many times. It is only firing on 2 cylinders. We have replaced the distributor cap as well as the spark plug wires but we still only get spark on 2 cylinders. Have you experienced this problem before and if so what do you suggest we do next to solve this problem? Thanks!

Friday 09/09/2022 | 1983 | 944 | Electrical | 363 views

I have owned my 1983 944 since new. I was driving the car as normal when it lost power. I was able to coast into a parking lot. I can get the car to idle but I can not get the car to produce any power thus I am unable to drive/move the car. I had the 944 towed to my regular mechanic who has worked on my car may times. The problem seems to be that it is only firing on 2 cylinders. We have replaced the distributor cap as well as the spark plug wires but we still only get spark ...


931 Electrical Woes

Wednesday 09/07/2022 | 1981 | 924 Turbo | Electrical | 249 views

Here's my story, I had to replace the turn signal switch, which should have gone off without a hitch, no so true. I pulled the steering wheel removed the switch assembly, separated the two switch arms (turn/wiper) and reinstalled everything. I started the car to ops check the signal switch which worked fine and here is where the trouble started. While the car was running smoke started to the come out of the steering column! I immediately turned the car off, removed the steering wheel and ...