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Carb tuning for 914-6

Wednesday 05/31/2023 | 1970 | 914-6 | Fuel System

Curious if anyone has any initial settings for the Weber ida carbs on a 914-6? I was told lock down air bypass screws then screw in mixture screws until it stumbles then out a 1/2 turn? Then fine tune with air screws for each stack?


Coolant leak overflow?

Sunday 05/28/2023 | 2016 | Boxster S | Engine

I put away my car last fall and in the spring, when first starting, I got a coolant low level alarm. I noticed that over the winter my coolant had pooled under the engine, I couldn't tell how much because it had evaporated. I topped off the coolant and drove the car, carefully noting the engine temperature and the cooling temperature maintains at 194 deg. f. After driving the car and letting it cool down after a few hours, I rechecked the coolant level and when I unscrewed the coolant cap, I ...


Overrun alternator pulley?

Sunday 05/28/2023 | 2014 | Cayman | Electrical

Upon cold startup I hear a whirring sound directly behind the passenger seat. Sound/speed does not change with engine rpms. Also, the sound begins about 1 second after the engine turns over.According to the engine diagram the alternator sits exactly where the sound is emanating.Is it likely the cause is failure of the overrun alternator pulley? What is the easiest why to check if the fan clutch has failed, with the alternator in the engine bay? ...


intermediate shaft

Thursday 05/25/2023 | 2007 | 911 Targa 4 | Engine

looking for information on how to tell which intermediate shaft is in my 997


How to access the sunroof sunshade mechanicals, the sunshade is stuck in the open position?

Thursday 05/25/2023 | 2009 | 911 Targa 4 | Accessories

Despite numerous searches, I cannot find any information on how to free up or repair a stuck-in-the-open-position sunroof sunshade.When activating the switch to close the sunshade there is a loud noise that sounds like a metal or plastic gear skipping as it tries to slide the sunshade. How do I access the mechanicals to determine the cause? Is this DIY repair?


who is the tiptronic guru for 2007 Cayman base?

Thursday 05/25/2023 | 2007 | Cayman | Transmission/Clutch

Needs at least a valve body. Have trailer.......will travel


Battery discharges when off

Thursday 05/25/2023 | 2011 | 911 Carrera | Electrical

My battery will discharge if connected in about 15 or 20 hours. Disconnected, it does not have a problem.


Why do I have issues with XM radio reception?

Wednesday 05/24/2023 | 2017 | 718 Boxster | Electronics

Hello Everyone!Very excited to have just joined the Porsche family with a new to me 718 Boxster. The car is phenomenal! Unfortunately, the one thing I couldn't check at the dealership - XM radio - doesn't work. I've called Sirius and refreshed the signal multiple times. The PCM continues to state "check XM antenna" and says I don't have a subscription. My most recent call to Sirius basically revealed that the antenna doesn't work for long enough for them to activate it. I did some othe ...


certificate of authenticity for 2006

Tuesday 05/23/2023 | 2006 | Cayman S | Other


Is it safe to powder coat Porsche alloy wheels

Tuesday 05/23/2023 | 2016 | Cayman GT4 | Wheels and Tires

I have found conflicting information regarding powder coating alloy wheels. Many people say they've powder coated their wheels with no issues. Other sources say the heat (~400 degrees) from the powder coating process can weaken the alloy. Both could be true, but I'd prefer to not "weaken the alloy". Does Porsche have a recommendation regarding the safety of powder coating wheels?


My A/C stopped blowing cold air and I assumed due to the age it needed a recharge so bought a kit and the gauge said it was in the warning zone so over filled. any thoughts on what could be the cause, I did check the compressor fuse .

Tuesday 05/23/2023 | 2007 | 911 Carrera | Heating and Ventilation


I need to source 3 buttons for the radio for my 2009 BoxsterS: the AM button, the Phone button, and the Set button. The plastic fastener on the back of the buttons broke off on one end. My dealer, Porsche of Buffalo, has no information on where to buy these parts other than installing a new radio.

Monday 05/22/2023 | 2009 | Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery

Bose High End Sound Package,


Any Porsche Approved Body Shops in Volusia County Florida....thanks!

Monday 05/22/2023 | 2007 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Body


The clam on my Boxster does not close all the way when I put the top down, there is about an inch gap.It work fine when putting top up. It will eventually close as I drive and otherwise operates fine.

Sunday 05/21/2023 | 2003 | Boxster S | Body

thank you!


after a recent rain storm and flooding of the interior ( left uncovered and interior drains plugged ) I removed the driver's side seat to gain access to the rear control module and dry out. Fortunately ,all controls working except I have an airbag system fault light indication on the instrument panel. Prior to removing the seat I never had this indication since owning the car. Any thoughts on how to clear the indication assuming the airbag itself is not damaged.

Sunday 05/21/2023 | 2011 | Boxster S | Electrical


Wondering how much cabriolet rear seat space increased from 997 to 991 to 992.

Saturday 05/20/2023 | 2008 | 911 Carrera S Cabriolet | Interior/Upholstery

My 2008 911.1 Carrera S Cabriolet comfortably fits my 5 and 7 year old daughters for now, but I wondering how much larger the rear seats are in the 991 and 992 generations. I know the wheelbases are longer and I suspect this translates to more rear seat space, but I'm looking for actual numbers on cabriolet rear seat space that I can use to make a decision between swapping into a 991 or paying up for the 992. It's not the only factor, but it's a big one for the overall usability and enjoyme ...


are there replacement parts for keys?

Friday 05/19/2023 | 2009 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Other

The lower piece of the key (closest to the stem) has fallen out and is lost. It is the "button" used to lock or unlock the car.


Chain guide and metallic debris in oil pan

Thursday 05/18/2023 | 2003 | Boxster S | Engine

Bought this Boxster Nov 2022 with 53,000 miles.After removing the car from Winter storage and going for a spirit drive this past March, the engine started to make a ringing sound when idling.  I decided to tow it to an independent Porsche shop to have it checked. Nothing wrong was found. While in there I decided to have clutch, RMS, chain tensioners, AOS replaced (white smoke came out after winter storage) and the IMSB upgraded to LNE hybrid ceramic one ...


Clutch travel - can push through what feels like the end

Thursday 05/18/2023 | 2005 | 911 Carrera | Transmission/Clutch

I am not sure if this is normal - my clutch feels normal and smooth, and gears change without too much hesitation on pushing the clutch down about 95%. At that 95% point, it feels like the floor, but if you push harder, like roughly twice the force, I can push it down an additional 5% or so.Is this normal? Should I push it to 100%, even though it really feels like I shouldn't (and it makes it harder to shift smoothly), or am I doing damage by pushing through that last five percent? READ ANSWER


Wednesday 05/17/2023 | 2007 | Cayman S | Electrical



Recent recaro / other seat installs

Wednesday 05/17/2023 | 2000 | 911 Carrera | Interior/Upholstery

After the Tail of the Dragon in NC I need seats with more lateral support. Any advice on replacement seats will be appreciated.


944 turbo sunroof wont lock closed

Wednesday 05/17/2023 | 1986 | 944 Turbo | Electrical

sunroof opens but cannot get it to be locked so it pops up at 60. which relay controls the locking of the roof? i know about the three relays and the one in the roof.which one of the relays 1234 ? in key position one i can hear a click but nothing happens. i go to the next key setting and roof will open and lock open. but no matter what setting on ignition or switch it wont lock the top. i have new switch in dash, nothing changed. of all the discriptions online not one addresses the top bein ...


Can you identify a beeping alert that is intermittent

Wednesday 05/17/2023 | 2015 | Boxster GTS | Electronics

I get a beep beep -beep beep while driving and it can happen at any speed and anytime . Two service managers have failed to identify the problem. Can you help? Thanks


Only one door on my 911 locks, why?

Tuesday 05/16/2023 | 2008 | 911 Carrera S | Electrical

Hi,My 2008 991 S passenger door window will not index after the door is opened. I have had the dealership look at it a few years ago and they said it was ok. It worked for most of year, but as I drive mostly by myself, I only check it every few months.Now, someone decided to look at my car and the alarm went off. I was not home but my neighbor heard it and said two guys were running away. Good alarm. Now when I lock the car with the fob the driver door locks, and the passenger d ...


Should i be able to open the roof on a 2013 Boxster from my key fob?

Tuesday 05/16/2023 | 2013 | Boxster S | Other

Hello,I was wondering if i could open the roof on my 2013 Boxster from my key fob?Best Regards


When might I hear a response?

Monday 05/15/2023 | 2011 | 911 Carrera S Cabriolet | Transmission/Clutch

I sent in a detailed question concerning my transmission. I believe it was Thursday. I saw several answers posted since then. Not to be a pain, but would like to hear something soon, as it is really annoying and hope to find a solution. Thank you.


Will a P1094 code cause the smog check to fail in California?

Saturday 05/13/2023 | 2011 | 911 Carrera | Other

No check engine light. Car runs great. Should I reset it and see if it come back?


What could be the cause of an intermittent rattle from the engine?

Saturday 05/13/2023 | 2006 | Boxster S | Engine

The engine in my boxster has developed an intermittent rattle. I checked the tensioner and idler pulleys with a stethoscope and they sounded normal. It seems the noise was coming from the lower, front (driver's side) of the engine. Now I'm thinking maybe a timing chain or tensioner problem. The car has been driven only about 1000 miles/yr for the last 10 years. The last oil analysis was about a year ago and was normal. Oil is changed annually using Mobil1 0w40. Camshaft deviations are normal. ...


Turn Signals Stopped working . Hazard lights work..

Saturday 05/13/2023 | 1977 | 924 | Electrical

Turn signals stop working half way through a drive. (key in run position) When the stalk is in the left turn or right turn position the only light that lights is in the instrument cluster (does not blink). Checked and cleaned and tighten Grounds (above the fuse block and near front lights). Also with key OFF stalk in left position the left ,front and rear lights turn ON (no Blink) same for right side .. Replaced Flasher unit NO change. The Hazard Flashers work ..Please ...


PCM buttons not responding to being pressed

Friday 05/12/2023 | 2014 | Cayman S | Electronics

Started playing CD and noticed that I could not change tracks. None of the buttons on the PCM head unit are responding. when pushed. I can't eject CD. HELP ?


I am looking for a new quality stereo system for my 1969 911T.

Friday 05/12/2023 | 1969 | 911T Targa | Electronics

I would like to put a quality system in the car without making it jump out at you. I thought this would be the best time due to everything being apart. Any info will be helpful, thanks.


PDK Question

Friday 05/12/2023 | 2011 | 911 Carrera S | Transmission/Clutch

New to me vehicle. First Porsche. When I am trying to give very light acceleration to ease into a parking spot or my garage, the car seems to need more acceleration to get it moving from a stop than seems necessary. I will slowly add acceleration just to the point of getting the car to roll. Then as the "clutch" engages, with this minimal power, the car wants to stall. But if I give more power, it will be too fast for my circumstances. Best way I can think to describe it: With a manual ...


MSD and 123ignition No Tach

Thursday 05/11/2023 | 1970 | 914-6 | Engine

I have a 914-6 (factory) that I replaced the engine with a 2.4. I installed a 123ignition with a MSD 6AL to replace the CDI. It runs great but the tach does not work. At this point the 123 output is connected to the old points connection and the MSD is connected to the CDI Input from the wiring harness. I have searched the forums and see a lot of different answers, many contradictory. Have you made this work on a 6 and if so how?Thanks ...


1989 Speedster antenna

Thursday 05/11/2023 | 1989 | 911 Speedster | Electronics

A 1989 Speedster fitted with an exterior antenna on the passenger side front fender. Can anyone tell me what came originally on the car? Is it manual or power? Should it retract flush with the fender? The antenna has a box that can be seen by opening the door. I can not get it out without removing the door. Before I do this, I want to order a replacement.


What is this part?

Wednesday 05/10/2023 | 2011 | Cayman | Electrical

While removing the front bumper to clean radiators I found this hanging near the Home Link and outside temperature probe. Any idea what it is and how to replace it? Would appreciate the help but more so to know where to look this type of info up. NEW to Porsche. Thank you for the help.


Passenger electric sealback won't recline. Front fourway switch driver and passenger sluggish.

Wednesday 05/10/2023 | 1995 | 968 Cabriolet | Interior/Upholstery

Can this be case of dirty contacts in electrical switched mounted low on side of seat or is problem more insidious?My lady friend objects to too vertical seatback.


Convertible, top sealant

Wednesday 05/10/2023 | 2010 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Other

I have purchased a new to me 2010 Porsche 911 4S convertible where I’m trying to treat it’s canvas top. I have tried the chemical guys convertible, top cleaner and protectant. I have been unsuccessful at creating the beading affect on the canvas and I’ve reached out to chemical guys to which they said on some Porsche convertible tops their product doesn’t work and for me to reach out to Porsche. I would appreciate if anyone has had success creating the beaded affect to recommend the products ...


Can you identify this sensor?

Tuesday 05/09/2023 | 2011 | Cayman | Electronics

I found this hanging behind the bumper when removing for cleaning of the radiators. I can see the outside temperature sensor but have no guess what this was before it was damaged.I'm new at this and hope this is the correct way to ask for help. Any sites or books I should get so that I could find this out without bothering all of you? Thank in advance!


My 2004 996tt cel came on with code p0021, i recently change the oil with mobile one 5w30. Can any one help me diagnose this issue?

Tuesday 05/09/2023 | 2004 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Engine


Horsepower differences in the 2004 Carrera range?

Tuesday 05/09/2023 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Engine

I believe I read that there were horsepower differences between the basic Carrera and the Carrera S in the 2004 Carrera range, does this appear to be correct and if so, what is the horsepower of each model.Many thanks in advance


where are the drain holes located on a 2013 boxster S 981?

Tuesday 05/09/2023 | 2013 | Boxster S | Other

Hello,i hear a lot of talk about making sure that the drain holes are all clean of debris and wanted to know how to make sure that they are. I believe i have 5 but don't know exactly where they are located. Thank you in advance for your help.Best Regards


the clam on my 996 c4s opens but the top will not go up. I have looked at fuses and also the hydraulic fluid seems to be fine just below the + on the canister.

Tuesday 05/09/2023 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet | Other


The Targa Sunroof SUNSHADE is stuck in the open position. When I activate the switch to close it makes a loud noise sounding like a plastic or nylon gear rotating again a mechanism that is jammed. Is this a known issue and how do I repair it? I have conducted numerous internet searches with no luck.

Sunday 05/07/2023 | 2009 | 911 Targa 4 | Interior/Upholstery


I replaced the pads and rotors and flushed the brakes on my 2001 996 and I can't seem to get the air bubbles out of my lines and the pedal is soft

Saturday 05/06/2023 | 2001 | 911 Carrera 4 | Brakes


The PSM failure and reduced engine power warnings usually come on the day after having washed the car when starting it for the first time after the wash. At first I thought that the strong stream of water from the hose might be affecting the brakes. However, the last couple of times I have rinsed the wheels with very low water pressure and the warning still comes on. It does go away after driving the car for a short distance and there are no issues after that. What causes the warning? Thanks.

Friday 05/05/2023 | 2009 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other


under moderate-hard acceleration in my 2000 996 cabrio, both the ABS and PCS warning lights come on. the braking does not appear to be compromised. the lights reset when i i re-start the car. how can i fix this issue?

Friday 05/05/2023 | 2000 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Electronics

this has been happening for the last ~ 5,000 miles. local repair shop is not familiar with the problem, nor can i find it online.


Starting to hear a buzzing sound when turning wheel left and right coming from the front end

Friday 05/05/2023 | 2011 | Cayman S | Suspension


Carpeting on Leather Door Panel

Friday 05/05/2023 | 2004 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Interior/Upholstery

I have a question about the leather door panel on my 2004 Carrera Cab. The bottom of the door panel is covered in carpeting, same color as the floor. In my 996 it's Natural Grey. Can that carpeting be removed and replaced or does the entire door panel have to be replaced? See my attached photos.


What is typical percentage bhp loss due to altitude for a stock 997.2TT @5280' relative to sea level?

Wednesday 05/03/2023 | 2010 | 911 Turbo | Engine

I'm guessing 5% bhp loss due to altitude @5280'.I know this can be a complicated subject, but I do seek a simple answer. Any guess based on experience is fine. Assume 91 octane, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, if you need to.I've looked this up fairly thoroughly on the internet and can find no straightforward answer. I know normally aspirated lose ~15%. I know turbos can fully compensate by spinning faster, up to a point. I know there may more lag at altitude, but VTG te ...


what type/ brand of fluid for my 1999 carrera with Tiptronic tranny ?

Wednesday 05/03/2023 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Transmission/Clutch