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88 944S with Dim Instrument Cluster

Thursday 09/16/2021 | 1988 | 944S | Electrical | 63 views

I have a 1988 944S with only 38K miles. My problem is that my speedometer instrument cluster lights are very dull -- maybe 25% brightness, at best. Do the light bulbs need to be replaced? I was shown the inside of the dashboard speedometer cluster and the tiny lights are all connected by tiny wires and tiny bulbs. Any suggestions to correct this issue so I can drive my car safely at night?


Any comments on aftermarket alternators vs Bosch? They are a lot cheaper!

Wednesday 09/15/2021 | 2001 | Boxster | Electrical | 87 views


1986 Porsche 944 Front Brake rotor installation

Tuesday 09/14/2021 | 1986 | 944 | Brakes | 69 views

George, in the attached YouTube the tech indicates that the caliper piston needs to be rotated to a 20 degree angle. You can view this procedure at the ~13.40 minute mark on the You Tube He does not explain why... can you enlighten me?Replacing brakes on a Porsche 944 with floating-frame calipers - YouTubeThanksjohn


I have garage queen 2013 carrera 3.4 cabriolet with 29,000 miles and the PDK transmission has failed it needs a new one the replacement cost on rebuild is $15,000 and new transmission is $23,000 with labor? How many cars are having PDK issues?

Saturday 09/11/2021 | 2013 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Transmission/Clutch | 183 views

I’m getting a bad feeling from calling two dealerships in Denver and talking to the parts department and I asked how many PDK transmission failed and they have sold what’s the sales history both them said almost word for word I’m the only guy that is looking to replace my PDK. No I’ve read on internet that internet has many PDK problems like mine and I know Porsche has sold that transmission from roughly 2010 on 911, cayman and boxster. There is something fishy about this ? Please let me know ...


Flasher Relay

Friday 09/10/2021 | 1972 | 911T | Electrical | 99 views

Ed, I've searched and this is a topic you have covered multiple times. Mine however, might be a little different issue. The flasher relay in my 1972 911T had been failing for quite some time. It started off where when you hit the turn signal, the lights would come on, some times they would flash sometimes they wouldn't. Then I noticed that with the turn signal off, I could hear the flasher relay kicking on and off (no flashing lights on the dash nor were the outside turn signal ...


1986 Porsche 944 Front Brake rotor and pad options

Friday 09/10/2021 | 1986 | 944 | Brakes | 87 views

I need brake maintenance because of steering wheel “shimmy and pulsation” when I apply the brakes.  Pads still look good but I suspect rotors are warped from heat and the fact my last brake job I just had the rotors “turned on a lathe” to eliminate “hot spots”.    I want to upgrade from factory rotors and pads to either slotted or drilled rotors on the front. Are there any benefits installing slotted vs drilled rotors? And what type of pad material woul ...


Any suggestions or recommendations on how to handle humidity in the garage and what risk is that for my car?

Wednesday 09/08/2021 | 2006 | 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet | Other | 69 views

Hello, I am in the process of moving to Sarasota and the garage of our new house has no ventilation. I was there recently and the garage needs to be vented. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on the risk to the car in the environment and what may be a good brand or system to ventilate the garage with. There are several de humidifiers I am looking at as well as putting in an exhaust vent but I’m not a FL native so I don’t know what the best solution is. Does anyone ...


Drivers window does not not stay dropped when closing the door and because of that the door doesn't close properly.

Tuesday 09/07/2021 | 2011 | 911 Turbo S Cabriolet | Electrical | 45 views

Both the outside handle and inside handle will drop the window when pulled but as soon as you let go it goes back up to create a problem with the door seating properly. I've tried resetting the window according to the owners manual and what I've read but still doesn't close right. The odd thing is this only showed up at the time the dealer had it for airbag and PDK service. It never caused me issues before that. Could something have triggered the failure? Thanks ...


How ca I release the power drivers seat which is stuck all the way back

Sunday 09/05/2021 | 1987 | 944 | Electrical | 147 views

I had Porsche dealer install and OEM trailer hitch assembly with a 2 in receiver on our 2017 MACAN GTS. Problem is finding a 2 in trailer hitch ball mounts that fist. PORSCHE swears it accepts any two inch hitch. I cant find one that fits. It's as if the receiver on the car is a bit narrower than standard. Any one else have this problem? What hitch for the ball mount have you used

Saturday 09/04/2021 | 2017 | Macan GTS | Accessories | 252 views

I had Porsche dealer install and OEM trailer hitch assembly with a 2 in receiver on our 2017 MACAN GTS. Problem is finding a 2 in trailer hitch ball mounts that fist. PORSCHE swears it accepts any two inch hitch. I cant find one that fits. It's as if the receiver on the car is a bit narrower than standard. Any one else have this problem? What hitch for the ball mount have you used? I think I need a 2 inch rise on the ball mount. ...


Fuse 19 blows when brake pedal is pushed

Saturday 09/04/2021 | 1986 | 944 Turbo | Brakes | 207 views

I have removed the rear lamp assemblies and disconnected the wiring; also disconnected the speed control servo motor; tested the red/white wires at the rear lamps for a short to ground - ohms out ok; the Haynes manual indicates a "thermostat control unit" is in this circuit but doesn't indicate what it is nor where it is. Also indicates a relay (15) not sure if this G15 but I did remove it from the circuit - no change.Any help as to identify the thermostat control unit and its other c ...


Insulation material bits and pieces blowing from A/C vents

Friday 09/03/2021 | 2000 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Heating and Ventilation | 240 views

Small pieces of a felt like material with what seems like an adhesive backing are being blown out of the defroster and side (but not center) vents. A local shop (German Auto Works, Delray Beach FL.) tells me it is evaporator insulation that has deteriorated because of age. He says the entire dashboard has to be removed to replace it, an operation I’m not excited to take on. The A/C itself doesn’t seem to be affected at all, putting out cold air w/o any problems. Your thoughts please. ...


Yellow light comes up, tire pressure sensor after replacing two nee rear tires, display: TS not active, learning . Doesn't disappear. Sensor battery dead?

Friday 09/03/2021 | 2008 | Boxster S | Wheels and Tires | 135 views

After replacing the rear tires everything was fine, TPMS was working ok. Then the left rear tire didn't give a signal.I thought probably battery dead in the sensor. Wanted to fix it at Mr Tire and other places, they wouldn't do it. Then I ordered two sensors including the valves from Germany. Do I have to see the dealership ( that's more than 1 hour drive!) or can any tire shop fix that? Thank you Juergen ...


Does my horn need replacement?

Thursday 09/02/2021 | 2001 | Boxster | Electrical | 165 views

2001 Boxster S. Horn fuse keeps blowing. I’ll replace it, but as soon as I press the horn, the horn sounds feebly and the fuse blows immediately. Does the horn itself need to be replaced or could it be something else? Any recommended shops in Westchester NY?Thanks.


What are some sources for a remanufactured Boxster or Boxster S engine?

Wednesday 09/01/2021 | 2001 | Boxster S | Engine | 210 views

I’m looking for prices on a remanufactured Boxster engine, or Boxster S engine


there is a rattle (particularly over bump or hole) in the left front suspension. Smooth road it's quiet. I have pulled, pushed, twisted everything under there and haven't detected anything loose. HELP!

Wednesday 09/01/2021 | 2002 | 911 Turbo | Suspension | 189 views

I have asked the dealer to check it out and he reports nothing found loose but didn't hear noise while driven. As I said, any road imperfection causes this rattle. Nothing loose in the frunk. I'm stumped.


Coilover issue

Monday 08/30/2021 | 2011 | Cayman S | Suspension | 63 views

A few weeks back I hit a bad pothole with the right front wheel. I pulled over expecting to see a damaged rim and tire. They survived but my JRZ coilover didn't. The damper it seems was damaged. I took it to my independent shop and they confirmed it was damaged and needed to be replaced. The damper is ordered and it seems it will be some time to get it (not sure why). it doesn't seem to be a problem driving the car but i have concerns with the damaged damper. The damper is not leaking any flu ...


Early 924 hot start condition

Monday 08/30/2021 | 1977 | 924 | Fuel System | 42 views

I have a copy of Technical Bulletin Group 20, number 79-10 which addresses Hot Start Condition. This bulletin recommends changing the twin 20 cc fuel accumulators to single 40 cc accumulator. This bulletin also states that "before making this modification, install Kit, part # 047 198 597 according to instructions given in Technical Bulletin, Group 10, Number 77-05, August 5, 1977. How can I get a copy of this bulletin # 77-05? I believe that bulletin # 77-05 recommends changes to th ...


What can cause the radio not to work anymore, I've verified the fuse box on the lower left on the driver side and all the fuse are good. Is there anymore fuses located somewhere else?

Monday 08/30/2021 | 2005 | Boxster S | Electronics | 105 views

Good day! Mainly I just wanted to know what can cause the radio not to work?Thank youRegards!Larry Blass


Windshield gaskets or seals for '84 944?

Monday 08/30/2021 | 1984 | 944 | Body | 45 views

Hello! I believe that the windshield on my '84 944 is leaking, as I regularly get a small amount of water on the floorboards after a rain. The windshield seal near the driver’s side A pillar appears to be crumpled up and broken, and there seems to be some clear sealant there that I assume the previous owner applied. (I have repaired the battery tray and have all new door seals so I am now looking at the windshield as the next culprit for the leaks.)I am reading different thi ...


1983 Porsche 944 No Start- read your post yesterday had more questions

Monday 08/30/2021 | 1983 | 944 | Fuel System | 48 views

I saw another user had a similar 944 No Start issue yesterday (8/29/2021), at least I'm not alone as this seems a fairly common problem in addition to becoming more bald from pulling my hair out. Car worked fine one day, dead the next. Did the same as the other guy.. I've replaced the fuel pump, the filter (said 1993 on it), the strainer, dist. cap and rotor, have two working DMEs.. tested my DME computer in a friend's 944, and tested the sensors, they all check out. Fully charged batter ...


1988 944 NA no start issue w/tach bounce

Saturday 08/28/2021 | 1988 | 944 | Fuel System | 81 views

Hello George,I have a 1988 944 NA celebration series that I bought as a non runner. The car I believer has sat for at least 8-10 years and had it towed home. It will start for 2-3 seconds and then die, I do have tach bounce. Once it starts for a few seconds it will not do that again till it sets for 5-10min. Then it will do the same thing. A few weeks back though, it decided to start and run with the idle right at 950 where it should be. It ran great, the lifters started bui ...


are owners manuals available from the PCA library for download?

Friday 08/27/2021 | 2016 | Cayman | Other | 27 views

Comments and Questions regarding recent 2014 Cayman headliner issue.

Friday 08/27/2021 | 2014 | Cayman | Interior/Upholstery | 54 views

I recently had the headliner in my 2014 Cayman with 40,000 miles on it delaminate from the roof panel and it now sags significantly. My understanding is that this was a known defect from Porsche. Reading your recent response to another member (8/26/21) who just experienced the same thing, how does the paintless dent repair person fix the headliner? Is the headliner removed or is a small incision made to allow adhesive to be sprayed into the cavity above the headliner and then held in place u ...


Upon opening the driver's door I hear a rapid clicking sound that lasts 3 to 4 seconds. It seems like it originates within the dash on the driver's side. Otherwise the car operates perfectly. My guess is that it's related to the factory alarm..

Friday 08/27/2021 | 2003 | Boxster S | Electrical | 24 views

I see that a similar question was asked back in 2007 by the owner of a 2004 Boxster, but it looks like there was no answer at the time. I'm wondering if after 14 years it is a condition that has been diagnosed. Thank you!


Where to get replacement steering universal joints for “89 944 turbo

Friday 08/27/2021 | 1989 | 944 Turbo | Other | 54 views

How do you replace the ceiling fabric for a 2014 Cayman?

Thursday 08/26/2021 | 2014 | Cayman | Interior/Upholstery | 117 views

How do you replace the ceiling fabric for a 2014 Cayman? Mine has detached from the ceiling board. I took my car to an auto upholstery business that works on Porsches and they it appeared that the windshield would need to be taken out to repair properly.


88 944 with dead gage cluster followup

Thursday 08/26/2021 | 1988 | 944 | Electrical | 57 views

I did the test and one of the three plugs is causing fuse 18 to blow. The plug in question is the left plug or the one closest to the drivers door. I am assuming that it addresses the fuel and temperature gages. I am still trying to verify that on the schematic diagram that I have. The one person who I know that might have a spare gage cluster is out of town until September so I cannot plug in a different gage cluster to verify that the cluster ...


I have 2004 Boxster S and wanted to see what is needed to install a child car seat

Wednesday 08/25/2021 | 2004 | Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery | 42 views

can vin determine dual or single row ims in 2000 boxster base?

Wednesday 08/25/2021 | 2000 | Boxster | Engine | 126 views

I understand model year 2000 was a split year. early Finland produced Boxsters had the more durable 2 row IMS whereas the later production 2000 MY had the single.Can this be verified by VIN and, if so, is there a link to such a decoder?Thanks ahead of time


Just received an HID upgrade kit for my low beams. The ballasts are 55W. I ordered 35W. If I install the 55W ballasts will the Xenon h7 replacements run cool enough not to damage the lenses? Will the current draw be excessive for the headlight wiring?

Tuesday 08/24/2021 | 2003 | Boxster S | Electrical | 81 views

I considered installing a separate harness to power the Xenon headlight upgrade kit directly from the battery using a lead from the fuse panel to trigger the relay when the headlight switch is turned on. However, the harness set features 18-gauge wiring to the ballasts which seems too light-duty to handle the amperage Should I deep-six the harness idea?: Thanks. I'm holding off on the upgrade pending your input. ...


refinishing wheel ...last question

Tuesday 08/24/2021 | 1986 | 944 | Wheels and Tires | 150 views

George, the primer you referenced...08929079 is not coming up in any of my searches. Is this a self etching primer?John


944 Wheel Refimishing follow up question

Tuesday 08/24/2021 | 1986 | 944 | Wheels and Tires | 126 views

To: George Beuselinck.George I finally decided to complete the wheel refurbish and went to Pelican Parts to order the Wurth Silver Paint #1892181 you recommended but the Pelican Website searched and selected this paint # instead...your thoughts Is it the same?Associated Part Numbers: WRTH 0893339108, WRTH-0893339108, WRTH.0893339108, WRTH0893339108ThanksJohn